Val di Sole is a regular host of World Cup races and is known as one of the hardest and technical demanding track. The “Black Snake” track is 2,2 km long with 540m vertical drop provides numerous challenges for riders with lots of rocks, roots and loose dirt.

Track is known for it’s technical difficulty because of steep terrain and vast amount of rocks and roots.

First day of practice was hot and sunny, the track was dusty with big holes starting to develop. On the Friday morning, dark clouds rolled over the valley and spiced things up for mornings practice runs. For the time of Junior men’s qualifying the sun came out and the track started to dry out. At the start of men’s finals, it started again to rain heavily, which made diverse conditions in men’s category.

First day of practice was bone dry and riders described it as “sand surfing”

Žak coped really good with given track conditions, which placed him on 3rd place! Other guys didn’t have the best runs, which wasn’t enough to qualify for Saturdays final race.

Žak rode good and finished on 3rd place in qualifications

Žak: “Coming into this race I was very excited, because I really like the rough and demanding track here in Val di Sole. I had a really good practice on Thursday and I knew that the speed is there. Coming into qualies, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t make it in the finals. The whole qualification run I thought, I wasn’t fast enough, so I just pushed that I won’t have any regrets and i didn’t expect to finished 3rd… I can’t wait to give her some beans tomorrow.”

Marko’s riding pace was good, his fitness preparation wasn’t enough for brutal track as in Val di Sole

Marko struggled with rough track and couldn’t put together the run he is capable of. He finished on 25th place. “Black snake” is definitely not my kind of track, it’s super rough and not fast. Wasn’t expecting anything special from this race. But anyway, it sucks to ride more slowly than I’m capable of, because of lack of fitness. Learned something from it though. Onto the next one…”

Žan gained valuable experience in racing World Cups

World cup in Val di Sole was Žan’s first world cup race after an injury riddled start of the season. He put a solid run and gained valuable experience. “I was very excited to come to Val di Sole, especially because it was my very first World Cup race. I didn’t really like slick conditions in mornings practice but again in qualifications were different. Anyways, I had a smooth quali run. On split 3, I was in the top 20, but unfortunately I went off track before the 4th split and then the gap was just too big to qualify.” At the end he finished on 32nd place.

Bad luck strike again for Rudi Pintar with mechanical issue

Rudi had mechanical issues in qualifying run and wasn’t able to finish his race run. Luckily he’s in one piece and is ready for another races in the upcoming weeks.

Tomorrow are Finals. Žak final run starts at 10:37

Photo Gallery from Klemen Humar