The penultimate round of Unior Downhill Cup was held in Soriška Planina, regular race venue for UDC. Saturday’s weather was unstable and the track was muddy. But for Sundays finals the weather held up and it was a thrilling race for spectators to watch with riders pushing the limits on drying out track.

Track in Soriška Planina is known as not the steepest and hardest track, but wet rocks and roots makes it challenging to ride. Here Žan Pirš navigates through one of many root sections that covers the race track

Sinter Brakes Team riders again achieved great team success as all of the riders were standing on the podium in their categories, respectively.

Hometown hero Rudi Pintar stood for the first time on top step of the podium in Elite category. And he did it on home race, which made it even more special with great trackside support from family and friends.

His expression on face says it all. A special moment for hometown hero Rudi.

Rudi: “The race in my hometown was really good. Although on Sunday’s morning practice I wasn’t feeling really good, my race run went well with track drying up. In finals, I had some close moments where I thought I’ll crash, but the dirt and grip were amazing which kept me on my bike. It just feels good to win in front of my hometown crowd and the result shows that I’m fast and have the speed for good results. I just need to focus more on execution and put it together when it counts.”

Eyes on the prize with finish line in sight

We can’t forget on U19 category, where Marko and Žan were again unstoppable. Marko Niemiz confirmed his good form with fast finals time, which would theoreticaly place him on 3rd place among the big guys in Elite category. Žan Pirš followed Marko closely in 2nd place.

Marko and Žan were unstoppable for the second time in a row after iXS EDC in Špičak.

Marko: “It has been a fun and quite challenging race weekend; the wet roots were very slippery on track. I took it easy in qualifying and pushed a bit more in finals, but unfortunately I lost a bit of time at the very top of the course by running wide line in the rock garden and thereafter also made a few mistakes on the flat section in the bottom part of the track… Overall, it was still a great run. I can’t wait to be between the tapes again! ”

Marko continues improving his results in his maiden year in U19 category

Žan: “The race in Soriška Planina has good, laid-back vibe and had really good time riding my bike. I almost forgot that we have a race weekend, haha. But I am quite stoked to get second in finals, even though I got smoked by my teammate Marko. Happy to get some points for the overall! ”

Fast and low was a key for good result.

In U15 category Tomo Joksimović Terpin finished also on solid 3rd place. Greasy conditions were challenging for young racers and Tomo had his fair share of crashes and mistakes in Finals run.

Tomo enjoying some airtime during practice

The final round of Unior Downhill Cup will be in Bike and Fun park Cerkno in three weeks time! Mark your calendar (14. and 15. september) for another action packed race.

Photo gallery by Miha Skrt