Slovenian national championships: three national tittles

After long hiatus of 2020 season, we can finally say: the racing is back! Bike Park Pohorje hosted first round of Unior Downhill cup and Slovenian national championships. To spice things up, many of fast international racers showed up to take a race as a good training ground for the upcoming UCI MTB World Cup in October. The well renowned world class track down the Pohorje mountain proved us again with thrilling and nail-biting race.

Sinter Brakes Team riders were again fighting for the top steps in their classes. Hero of the day was Žak Gomilšček, which it was first rookie race as Elite rider. He stormed down the racetrack and almost suprisingly took the national championship title in Elite class. Žan Pirš and Tomo Joksimović Terpin also dominated in their own classes with taking national titles.

Excitement of winnig the national title and being back at the races 🤘🤘

Elite men category was stacked with fast World Cup class riders, where David Trummer (AUT) and Jure Žabjek (SLO) highlighted the starting list. Žak’s offseason preparations payed off as he showed great speed already in qualifying run where he posted 3rd fastest time overall, just behind Trummer and Žabjek. For final run, Žak turned up the pace and crossed the finish line with time 3.07.97 which was fast enough to take National title and 2nd place overall, right behind Trummer. This is great indicator of things to come for the upcoming races.

Žak: “Yesterday it almost couldn’t be any better. I was feeling super good on the track and was having lots of fun in practice. In my qualifying run I made a lot of mistakes because I wasn’t focused on my riding and was just pushing too hard. Luckily, I learned from that and in the finals, I rode very smooth but still attacking and also had some fun on the jumps 🙂 Hyped for next races to come”

In the U19 junior category all eyes were on Žan and Marko who were top contenders for the title. In qualification run, Marko confirmed his form with first place, while Žan had small tip-over which put him down the ranking order. For final run, Žan started among the first riders, took over the hot seat and sat there all until the end. The fastest qualifier Marko had his share of bad luck as he got front flat tyre during the race run and his hopes to earn the junior national champ title was over.

Žan: “What can I say… I’m very pleased how this weekend went. I was feeling comfortable on the bike since the first run on the track. Track was getting harder throughout the weekend due to dust and I crashed on my last training run and in seeding run. For finals I had to put myself together, regroup forget about the crashes and just focus on my race run. I’m very happy to get my first junior national title, it took it a while, but it made it feel very special. Feel sorry for my teammate Marko aka Mr. Ferrari as it would have been a good battle. Many congrats to our shredder Tomo and a lot of respect to Žak, insane riding from him!”
Marko: “Being between the tapes after so long and seeing everyone again felt good. In terms of racing, training runs felt quite good and fun! In qualifying I didn’t manage to put together a solid run and was hoping for a much better finals run but unfortunately my front tyre blew up just a few 100 meters into the run. I am disappointed for losing the jersey but we must take the positives out of this experience, because such things can happen in the world of racing. Head remains high and pointed towards the next one!”

Tomo dominated U15 category with winning both seeding and final runs and becoming unoficial national champ in U15 category.

Tomo: “Overall, it was a great weekend. I had bad crash just before the qualification run and I took it easy for qualification run. For finals, I wanted to go faster but made a lot of mistakes. Still, it was a solid run to take the win in U15 category.”

Next race for Unior Downhill cup in scheduled on 30th August in Tršće (CRO).