Marko Niemiz

RACING: DH   AGE: 18   HOME TOWN: Vrhovlje pri Kožbani, Slovenia


How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
»If in doubt, flat out.«

Best moment of 2019 season?
My first European cup win in Czech Republic

Your goals for 2020 season?
Win both Unior Downhill cup overall and national championship, qualify for finals on world cups, get podiums on european cups

Your main inspirations/idols?
Danny Hart, Sam Hill

Favourite part of racing bikes?
Beeing on the limit

What would you do if you weren’t riding a bike?
Probably rally or some other kind of motorsport

Favorite pre-ride snack/food?
Some sort of energy bars

Favorite race?
Maribor has always been on the top of my list

Favorite place to ride?
Home trail, bikeparks or any other place where you can send it with your mates

Any race day superstitions?
Before finals, in order to have a decent run, i must eat a bit of Milka chocolate.


3rd – iXS European cup U19 overall, 2019
1st – iXS European cup Špicák 2018, U19
1st – Unior Downhill cup U19 overall 2018
4th – iXS European cup U17 overall, 2018
3rd – iXS International rookies chamionships Serfauss-Fiss-Ladis 2018, U17
3rd – iXS Rookies cup Serfauss-Fiss-Ladis 2018, U17
1st – iXS European cup Špicák 2018, U17
1st – iXS International rookies chamionships Serfauss-Fiss-Ladis 2017, U17
1st – National championship U17 2018
1st – Unior Downhill cup U17 overall 2018